Car thefts are so diversified in their car theft skills that they could get into any car with practically no breakdown. They enjoyed practically good income from stealing cars. As much as you would hate it, here are tips on how to prevent car theft so that you put a smack on their faces forever and relieve yourself of the car theft’s misery

Do you know that 3 in 4 people in the United States have no car theft protection systems or auto theft devices installed in their cars? Well, even if they do, most don’t even bother to activate these auto anti-theft devices. Just think about when was the last time you left your car idling while you were busy picking up snacks from the gas stations?

Let’s face it, auto theft “market” for these auto theft people have literally bloom and aspire like a twister to steroids. According to the Insurance Information Institute, US, the average value of a vehicle reported as stolen in 2003 was $ 6,797, compared to $ 6,701 in 2002. The latest key statistics show that in the United States, a vehicle is every 25 seconds is stolen.

So instead of trying to be so concerned with these numbers, it’s time for you to take the bull by the horns and do everything you can to prevent car theft.

1) Lock it.

Lock your vehicle at any time, close all windows and the sunroof and take your keys

2) Don’t be silent by hiding keys in your car.

Never hide the second set of keys in or on your vehicle. You can outsmart the car thieves by knowing all the hiding places.

3) Hide valuables

Don’t forget to leave your valuables in your car and be seen by potential car thieves. Objects left behind attract car thieves.

4) Protect Your Data

Never leave important documents in your car, such as bank statements, credit card bills / statements or other personal information. Car thefts can use this important information against you and steal your bank money by accessing your bank or credit car accounts.

5) Do not dispose of your vehicle registration

Some drivers literally take convenience to the extreme. They often leave their car registrations or car titles in their car. This can help car thieves dispose of their car faster than you can ever imagine.

6) Parking strategy

Do you know that parking in the right place can literally prevent car theft and protect your car completely? It is best to park in well-lit areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

7) Stop idling and learn to increase gas kilometers.

Leaving your car unattended can literally put your car at risk of being stolen, especially if you are at convenient stores or ATMs. The Gas Mileage Tactics e-book at will show you that not only learning to stop idling will prevent car theft, but also the potential wastage of gas and wear and tear on your car. So you literally get two sides of the same coin.

8) Prevent theft by towing.

You’d be surprised that thieves now use tow trucks to steal vehicles. In the most extreme cases, some of them could pretend to be a bank loan officer and tow your car in broad daylight. So always use your emergency brake and leave your gearbox in the parking position. You should also turn the wheels towards the curb. Although these steps don’t prevent 100% car theft, but somehow or rather, it becomes a nightmare for the potential car thieves who use tow trucks to steal vehicles.

9) Park in your garage.

If you have a car veranda / garage in your house, always park your car in these places and never park it outside your house. Lock the gates or garage as well as your car windows.

10) The “one” is not enough.

There are many auto anti-theft devices that make a pilgrimage in the auto market like nobody’s business. Though I’m not going to say that these auto anti-theft devices can prevent 100% car thefts overall, but at least it will extend their time to steal your car and bring them a hick of a hard time getting into your vehicle chop. So if you park your car in high theft areas, never rely on none device alone. Use as many as possible.